We are happy to introduce MAFOG Engineering Limited. MAFOG Engineering Limited is a wholly Nigerian owned company registered in year 2004 as a venture and upgraded to engineering limited in the year 2007.

MAFOG provides engineering and technical services to the Telecommunication, Iron & Steel and allied industries. The world renowned management expert, Peter F. Drucker, said "the standard of any human group is set by the performance of the leaders". MAFOG directors are industry proven competent professionals and managers of high integrity.

We shall be happy to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with your company in the drive towards enhancing the local content of your operations.

Our vision is to provide the design, fabrication and erection services of future towers in the Telecommunication Industry and in the solution of other related matters at prices competitive enough to ensure value for money and mutual growth.

MAFOG is managed and operated by technically competent professionals highly conversant with the Oil and Gas ,lron & Steel,W atercxW astewater Industries.

Our Engineers have over I5yrs cognate experience in the Oil and Gas, Iron & Steel Industries. Our operations include the following: Design, Engineering, Procurement or Fabrication and Installation of Telecommunication Towers and Palisade Fences. Design, Engineering, Procurement/Fabrication and Installation of Potable Water and Sewage Treatment Units. Design and Construction of foundations, buildings and other civil works. Project Management, Manpower Supply & Mentoring of Young Engineers in Iron & Steel and. Oil cxGas industries in Practical engineering and operational practices. Engineering Consultancy

Thankyou for your time and anticipated patronage.

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